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BLUE Carbon seeks to accelerate the recognition of the interplay between the ocean and the climate.

A newly formed unit, BLUE Carbon seeks to accelerate the recognition of the interplay between the ocean and the climate. The potential of marine habitats, including saltmarsh, seagrass, kelp and sediment, to sequester and store carbon is widely known to science. Furthermore, the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change by leaving the seafloor undisturbed is huge, although calculating just how much carbon is stored in the ocean is highly challenging.

BLUE Carbon is conducting a discovery phase to identify blue carbon conservation opportunities that are feasible, verifiable and achieve benefits for the marine environment and local communities. It is also working to calculate additionality in carbon uptake and sequestration and deliver blue carbon offsets through the protection of whole ecosystems from destructive fishing practices.

BLUE Carbon, working with the University of Exeter, will also produce a scientific case that marine conservation and restoration will deliver significant capture and sequestration of carbon. Through domestic prototypes such as integrated ecosystem restoration in the Solent, BLUE will assemble evidence to support the Government in developing policies that formally recognise the value of the ocean to climate change mitigation.

On 9 June 2020, BLUE hosted its first Blue Carbon Conference, which you can watch below:

Seagrass images: Matt Porteous / Ocean Culture Life

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83% of the global carbon cycle is circulated through the ocean

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