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Champagne and oysters, one day

Following the success of the collaboration between fishermen and conservationists in Lyme Bay, BLUE was asked to become involved in…

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BLUE’s report and accounts 2014

Click on the document below to view BLUE’s report and accounts 2014:

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Opinion: The Marine and Coastal Access Act – Vision to Vapour in five years?

This crucial piece of legislation received cross-party support. From environmentalists to fishers, ports and shippers to kayakers, anglers to sandcastle…

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BLUE’s 2014 Review

Click on the document below to read BLUE’s 2014 review.    

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Plastic pollution with your Prosecco, madam?

BLUE’s Christmas party on Wednesday 10th December was held at an exhibition entitled ‘HERE TODAY‘, to draw attention to the…

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Fragments of Paradise

The UK has the fifth largest marine zone in the world, most of which is around the Overseas Territories. Three…

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GAP2 Funding Success

BLUE is thrilled to have been awarded GAP2 funding to facilitate a trip for our Lyme Bay fishermen to visit…

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Protect 30% percent of the oceans by 2030: rallying cry or fools’ errand?

Once every ten years the world’s conservation leaders gather in some corner of the world to talk about protected areas.…

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