Fully monitored and documented fisheries in Lyme Bay

October 02, 2014


Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve Fully Monitored and Documented Fisheries Project sees the Succorfish SC2 inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems (iVMS) voluntary installed on board vessels to monitor and manage fishing activity in and around the marine protected area in Lyme Bay. The project will see this system rolled out to all the vessels in the Bay giving a complete picture of all fishing activity in the Bay for the first time.

Funded by both BLUE Marine Foundation and the European Fisheries Fund, this project aims to develop a systematic approach to marine data gathering from fishing vessels in Lyme Bay and provide a robust mechanism for compliance and monitoring the voluntary agreement forged by BLUE Marine and spatial management of fishing around the sensitive reef areas.

Filmed by ITV News Westcountry. Copyright ITV 2014.

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