20 years before UK can fully leave EU Common Fisheries Policy – BLUE launches Brexit fisheries report

June 24, 2018 by Blue Marine Foundation


BLUE partnered with Fishmongers’ Hall in London to host a seminar for the UK fishing industry to hear from a panel of trade, policy and political experts on the likely outcome of Brexit negotiations for UK fisheries and seafood sectors.

Speakers’ observations included:

  • As all EU fisheries law becomes UK law after Brexit, it will likely take around 20 years for all EU law to be changed or removed, if at all.
  • While fisheries is a card for the UK to play in negotiations, it is unlikely that it will be played for the benefit of UK fishing. Fisheries will likely be traded to secure better terms for a larger sector of the UK economy.
  • All food products (including fish) entering the single market can only enter via specific border inspection posts (BIPs). Calais and Eurotunnel currently have no BIP facilities. If the UK leaves the Single Market, EU countries will have to build BIP facilities. UK food exporters will need the transition period to ensure no interruption to trade while these facilities are prepared.

Speakers included:

Charles Grant (Centre for European Reform)
Sam Lowe (Centre for European Reform)
Maddy Thimont Jack (Institute for Government)
Andrew Oliver (Andrew Jackson Solicitors)
Richard Barnes (University of Hull)
Andrew Kuyk (UK Seafood Industry Alliance)

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