Ghost Fleet – human slavery on the high seas

March 14, 2019


The high seas – areas of ocean beyond national jurisdiction – are subject to very little legislation, resulting in inadequate protection of marine life and human rights. As part of our campaign to protect the high seas, BLUE is proud to be partnering with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival and Vulcan Productions to raise awareness of one of the lesser known consequences of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing – the occurrence of human slavery at sea.

Ghost Fleet follows the story of Bangkok-based Patima Tungpuchayakul who has committed her life to rescuing and returning home men from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and other South East Asian nations who have been sold to Thai fishing companies by human traffickers.

Once at sea, these captive men go months, even years, without setting foot on land, earning little to no pay, trapped in a modern form of slavery and forced to endure horrific and often deadly conditions.

Patima and her small team of activists risk their lives to find these men, fight for their emancipation and seek justice for them. In the face of illness, death threats, corruption, and complacency, Patima’s fearless determination reveals stories of criminal conspiracy at the heart of the industrial seafood industry as she calls on her nation and the world to wake up and act.

Ghost Fleet is being screened in London on 18 and 19 March. Please click here to find out more and to book tickets.

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