Spears Magazine focusses on ocean health with support from HRH Princess Eugenie

October 12, 2021


In her capacity as Blue Marine Foundation Ambassador, HRH Princess Eugenie has co-authored a piece for Spears’ November issue, hailing the ocean as ‘the best natural solution we have to climate change on the planet’.

In the op-ed for Spear’s Magazine, co-written with Clare Brook, CEO of Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), Princess Eugenie praises the work being done on Ascension Island, a United Kingdom overseas territory that lies 1,000 miles off the coast of Africa.

The volcanic island is just 88 square kilometres in size and has a population of around 800 people, but an initiative there – supported by Blue Marine Foundation and its Great British Oceans Coalition partners – to protect 100 per cent of the island’s waters shows how marine habitats can be successfully restored to health.

Princess Eugenie and Clare Brook write: “If the rest of the world were to follow Ascension’s example, we could see fish stocks recovering and carbon-absorbing habitats reviving within a few years – all with the potential to mitigate climate change.”

“There is only one ocean. The challenges it faces are sadly man-made and most can be turned around if we act now. If we work together to protect it, the ocean will protect us – in perpetuity.”

The special 15th anniversary edition of Spear’s Magazine, which has been produced in partnership with BLUE, also includes a feature on the jeopardy of oysters by executive director Charles Clover and an interview featuring yacht builder and BLUE supporter Peter Lürssen:

“I always feel life is too short to waste your energy and your resources on something that is not getting proper results. And that is something that I really like about BLUE. They do get results.”

“The ocean is the one thing that connects us all. And the more you think about it and look into it and read about it, you realise how important the oceans really are to the world.”

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