February 17, 2022 by Blue Marine Foundation


An independent survey has been commissioned by Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) and the National Trust for Jersey, to gauge public support for the protection of Jersey’s waters.  

The poll, led by 4insight, hopes to capture views of the islanders about whether they agree that Jersey’s increased control over its own waters is to the island’s benefit, and to what degree they are in favour of further protection within its “high value” marine habitats, essential for biodiversity, carbon sequestration and sustaining fisheries. 

Please click on the link to take the short poll.

Jersey Marine Park

The States of Jersey has already made a strong commitment to marine conservation by establishing several areas protected from dredging and bottom-trawling at Les Minquiers, Les Écréhous and inshore areas around the Island.  

Marine habitats are already showing a strong recovery in these areas, benefiting fish stocks and other marine species. However, much of Jersey’s waters, over 93 per cent, currently remain unprotected.  

Jersey has an ambition of becoming the first carbon neutral jurisdiction in the British Isles, as laid out by Jersey’s Carbon Neutral Strategy.  Protecting 30 per cent of the island’s waters by way of a marine park would be a definitive step towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 as well as managing Jersey’s waters to protect future generations. 

Charles Clover, executive director of BLUE, said “Jersey has made some positive steps towards becoming a gold standard for marine protection in Europe. Now is the time to hear from the people of Jersey to understand support for the proposals for wider marine protection in Jersey.”

Charles Alluto, CEO of the National Trust for Jersey, said “The Crown gifted the seabed to the people of Jersey in 2015 and so in effect we have all become its custodians. This poll will be crucial in giving information and direction to our States Assembly as to how we wish to see our wonderful marine environment managed both now and in the future.” 

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial we hear the public’s view on these issues. Please click on the link to take the short poll.


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