Opportunities for Nature Recovery within UK Offshore Wind Farms

April 25, 2022


On 17 February 2022, Blue Marine Foundation hosted an online event to bring together a multi-disciplinary cohort of NGOs, academics, policy, industry and other relevant stakeholders to explore the opportunities for biodiversity net-gain policy, species restoration and habitat enhancement within UK offshore wind farms. 

For presentation and panel discussion summaries, please read our event summary report.

The event aimed to increase the UK’s understanding and ambition for nature recovery within offshore wind farms. This included identifying key research gaps, stakeholder opinions and logistical challenges that are acting as a barrier to the development of pilot projects, as well as how policy can be adapted and developed to support nature recovery within the industry. With over 330 users, the event attracted panellists and attendees from over 20 countries. It has led to new discussions and potential collaborations with offshore wind developers, researchers and conservation organisations, while helping us to understand some of the key barriers and opportunities for nature recovery projects within this industry.


You can watch the full event HERE.

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