98% of UK’s offshore MPAs experience seabed fishing activity like bottom trawling.

Please search and contact your MP asking them to support a ban on destructive bottom trawling and dredging in offshore marine protected areas.

Act now before it’s too late.

Bottom trawling emissions are equivalent to those from the entire global aviation sector.

Bottom trawling is a damaging fishing method used worldwide that drags heavy nets across the ocean floor, while dredges are rigid, often triangular structures that uses a mesh net attached to a steel scoop to rake the seafloor.

These fishing gear not only impact the seabed – damaging marine habitats crucial for biodiversity and carbon capture – but indiscriminately devastate marine wildlife.

recent study – the first to look into the climate change impact of bottom trawling – found that the global emissions of bottom trawling are equivalent to those from the entire global aviation sector.


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Click the hashtag to keep up with the campaign. When we receive new information, we’ll update this section with which MPs have pledged their support.

Layla Moran
Grahame Morris
Steve Barclay

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