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From kelp forests and cold-water corals to blue whales and orcas, Patagonia teems with exceptional biodiversity. Blue Marine works with multiple partners to keep this wild place wild.

Blue Marine´s projects in Argentina aim to protect kelp forests spread through the Atlantic coast. Blue Marine’s partners here include Rewilding Argentina and Por el mar. Together we promote the creation of marine protected areas (MPAs) that work for the environment and coastal communities. 

The Argentinian project team has also sailed the research vessel ‘Soairse’ to remote marine eco-regions, collecting data to support conservation measures and improve our understanding of this wild underwater world.  

With Rewilding Argentina, we aim to conserve 30 per cent of Argentina’s ocean, protecting the seabed from prawn trawling, which is destroying habitats and preventing the recovery of fish species. Initially focused on regional protection, Blue Marine’s partnership with Rewilding Argentina has evolved into an ambitious, multi-stakeholder mission to see 30 per cent protection by 2030 and a plan to create transboundary conservation measures to protect key migratory species such as sharks and sealions. 


Rewilding Argentina, Por La Mer, SeaLegacy, Patagonia Azul and Patagonia Projects.  


Key stats

Rewilding Argentina aims to create a 100,000+ KM2 MPA  

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By working together, we can turn the tide on overfishing and the destruction of biodiversity. By supporting Blue Marine, you can help to create marine reserves around the world.


No matter how big or small, all donations are valuable to us.


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