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BLUE Media produces marine conservation campaign media that makes a difference.

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From short films for direct lobbying, to international social media campaigns, and from virtual reality experiences to mainstream television – BLUE Media has proved invaluable to the success of Blue Marine’s projects and campaigns. We work with partners and in coalitions to amplify our collective impact and find key audiences within a conservation issue and inspire specific action from them.


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Some of BLUE Media’s successes from the past year:

Protecting paradise: BLUE Media helped win a promise of full protection for 100% of Ascension’s waters – a total of 440,000 square kilometres of ocean – as part of our #BacktheBlueBelt campaign. Please click here to read more.

Uncovering illegal fishing: BLUE’s investigative team exposed the unlawful overfishing of Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna – a stock at risk of collapse – by subsidised EU fleets, which was reported on by the British and European press and on TV globally. Please click here to read more.

Inspiring global ambitions: BLUE Media supported Blue Marine’s high seas campaign, capturing interviews with key players in the high seas debate and taking the campaign all the way to the UN.

#MeetMyOcean: BLUE Media’s underwater whale shark footage, shot in the waters of St Helena, was broadcast to five million people on BBC One’s Blue Planet Live in March 2019. Their 360 virtual reality video reached a further nine million people worldwide. This exposure was instrumental in securing the proposed 445,000 square kilometre marine protected area around St Helena. Click here to learn more.

Stopping the destruction: BLUE Media worked with our European partners, Bloom Association, to lobby the EU for policy change via a successful press and social media campaign (#StopElectricFishing), which achieved a total ban on electric fishing in the EU, including in the North Sea, from 2021. Click here to read more.

Reframing nature: Inspired by Blue Marine’s in-country #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass social media campaign, a growing coalition of 33 Maldives tourist resorts and the Maldivian Government are now committed to protecting this precious marine habitat and carbon sink. Please click here to learn more.

Spreading the win-win message: BLUE Media’s films of BLUE’s flagship project in Lyme Bay are inspiring other fishing communities around the UK and Europe to adapt this win-win sustainable fishing model.

Key stats

655,000 m² of seagrass protected in the Maldives

80+ vessels in the North Sea with pulse fishing licences that must now cease by June 2021

25% of Maldivian resorts part of the Seagrass coalition

100% Ascension Island EEZ protected

14m: audience reached on television and social media about St Helena Whale Sharks

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