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Jersey’s waters, with its seagrass, kelp forests and maerl beds, showcase some of the best shallow marine habitats in the British Isles.  

Jersey has an extraordinary marine estate. The northwest coast has the greatest diversity of seaweed in the British Isles. On the southwest, some of the richest and most diverse clam beds in Northern Europe can be found and the rocky intertidal and outlying shallow reefs offer habitats found nowhere else in the region.

However, much of Jersey’s waters remain unprotected and the impact on marine life unknown. Using our research and in partnership with the Société Jersiaise – a historical research institute – we are building an evidence base for well-managed marine protected areas.

To ensure fishing communities can continue to operate, thrive and co-exist alongside marine conservation, BLUE is applying its model of fishery co-management developed in Lyme Bay. This model proves that by using low impact methods, fishermen’s livelihoods can improve while marine biodiversity thrives. In Jersey, we are supporting local fishermen to lead the management of their fisheries in line with conservation goals.

By proving that marine protection in Jersey supports both the recovery of marine life and local fishing communities. The seagrass, kelp forests and maerl beds all absorb blue carbon and therefore their protection could help Jersey meet its net zero carbon goals. BLUE will make the case for the creation of additional protected areas, ultimately creating an “emerald ring” around Jersey.


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