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Mediterranean Small Scale Fisheries

Small-scale fisheries – with their low impact gear and strong community ties – dominate the Mediterranean Sea. They make up more than 80% of the fishing fleet but account for only 24% of the fish caught. 

Blue Marine seeks to strengthen artisanal fishers by adapting the principles of the Lyme Bay model to Mediterranean circumstances. We are scouring the Mediterranean for sites where artisanal fishers will benefit from co-managing marine protected areas and implementing the Lyme principles: reducing pressure, engaging local communities, supporting better marine management, coordinating knowledge sharing, and spreading stories of success.

We have identified several such sites – in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey – and are establishing relationships with like-minded organisations and individuals. Our long term plan is to implement a locally adapted model in each of these sites, resulting in a substantial cohort of each fishing community leading the way in sustainability and actively engaged in marine management; moreover, these local groups form a strong network of knowledge sharing and collaborative support across the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Small Scale Fisheries

Key stats

$190m worth of seagrass protected 

80% of Mediterranean fleet = small-scale, low impact, high employment

75% of Mediterranean fish caught by industrial vessels = high impact, unsustainable

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