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Solent Seascape Project

The Solent Seascape Project is the first nature-based solutions and seascape scale recovery restoration project of its kind in the UK.

 The Solent Seascape Project will be the first of its kind in the UK, initiating the recovery of the ecosystem across an entire seascape — the area where sea meets coastline and adjacent land. Our long-term vision is to protect and restore at least 30 per cent of the Solent’s seascape, tipping the balance from a degraded state to a naturally expanding, connected and productive ecosystem. By restoring and connecting the Solent’s seascape, we will provide nature-based solutions to many of the issues currently affecting it and the people who depend on it, as well as helping to fight the impacts of climate change.   

For further details visit the Solent Seascape Project website. 


Restoring the Solent’s Seascape: for people, nature, and climate Project Information Sheet 

Solent Seascape Project

Key stats

$5 million initial grant

10 key partners

Actively restore 8ha of saltmarsh, 7ha of seagrass, 4ha of oysters, and 10 breeding seabird nesting sites to increase habitat extent and catalyse recovery across the wider seascape, improving ecological connectivity.

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