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St Helena Marine Protected Area

The remote South Atlantic island of St Helena is home to a third of all the endemic species in British territories including 11 species of fish found nowhere else in the world. 

St Helena’s waters were designated an IUCN Category VI marine protected area in 2016, allowing only sustainable use. Blue Marine is working alongside the community to ensure that the area – all 444,916 square kilometres – is indeed protected and that the local islanders benefit from their exceptional natural resource. 

Whale sharks migrate to St Helena every year and are seen amid the moorings in Jamestown harbour. It may be that they breed there but this has yet to be ascertained. Blue Marine is working to understand the breeding habits of these gentle giants to ensure they receive the protection they deserve 

Even though it is so remote, St Helena sees plastic waste washed up on its shores. The marine team cleans-up plastic and collects data from the island’s two main beaches every week and is developing an innovative plastics recycling programme on the island.  

Blue Marine also understands that St Helena has a local fishery which needs to be protected against outside long-lining interests. We are working closely with local one-by-one pole and line fishermen to try to get better prices for their tuna. 

Another key area of focus for Blue Marine’s St Helena team is outreach and education. This has helped to encourage enthusiasm and support from the community for their island’s exceptional sea life.

St Helena

Key stats

444,916 sq km marine protected area 

150 islanders involved in beach cleans 

14,200 pieces of litter collected 

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