Berwickshire Marine Reserve Project

The waters off the coast of Berwickshire, in the southeast of Scotland, are some of the most biodiverse and productive in the UK. 

Big Marine Data

Big Marine Data

The Big Marine Data project aims to address the current lack of collated and integrated data to effectively inform safety and risk at the coast and in inshore waters.



Blue Marine is supporting the restoration of native oysters in Essex. The native oyster has declined in the UK by over 95% in the last century and the reefs they form are one of the most threatened marine habitats in Europe.  

Convex Seascape Survey

Convex Seascape Survey

Isle of Arran

Isle of Arran Marine Protected Area

The Lamlash Bay no-take zone on the Isle of Arran is one of only a handful of marine protected areas in the British Isles where all forms of fishing are banned.


Jersey Marine Park

Jersey’s waters, with its seagrass, kelp forests and maerl beds, showcase some of the best shallow marine habitats in the British Isles.  

Lyme Bay

Lyme Bay Reserve

In Lyme Bay, Blue Marine has developed a win-win model that benefits both the marine environment and small-scale fishermen practicing low-impact, responsible fishing. 

National Marine Parks


National Marine Parks (NMPs) purpose is to connect people with their seascape to share in a sustainable future. NMPs offer a model that promotes access and enjoyment, supports local economies and protects life in the sea for our future.

North Devon

North Devon Biosphere Reserve

The North Devon UNESCO Biosphere is home to extraordinary biodiversity.

Offshore UK Marine Protected Areas

Offshore UK Marine Protected Areas

Currently only four of the UK’s 76 marine protected areas are protected from destructive bottom-trawling and dredging.