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Atlantic Ocean

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Temp: 20°c

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About Blue Marine

This website is operated by Blue Marine, a charity registered in England and Wales under the registered number 1137209. Our head office is 3rd Floor South Building, Somerset House, London, WC2 R1LA, United Kingdom.

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The aim of this digital experience was to help all generations visualise the critical link between the ocean and the climate. Blue Marine embarked on this project in 2020, striving to develop a modern and emerging platform that would inspire individuals all over the world to protect their ocean. We are determined to make this educational content as accessible as possible and will continue to develop the site to achieve this.

Creating this interactive experience would not have been possible without our official partners.

  • Barclays – A Partnership to Protect the Ocean
  • Green Chameleon
  • Jessica Daicos – Education Consultant

CONTACT Blue Marine

If you have any issues or concerns about the website, please contact Blue Marine using: info@bluemarinefoundation.com