BLUE’s July 2020 Newsletter

July 31, 2020 by Emma Eatough


Digital conferences are the future

BLUE’s first digital conference Rewilding the Sea proved that it’s possible to bring together policymakers, scientists and conservationists in an effective virtual forum post-Covid. Speakers included HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, Rt Hon George Eustice, Richard Benyon, Ben Goldsmith, Isabella Tree and Professor Callum Roberts. Over 400 people watched the conference live, and almost 3,000 people have since viewed the conference online. Highlights can be read here and the conference can be watched here.

China’s fishing fleet plunders the world’s ocean

China’s fishing fleet, labelled the biggest contributor to the “global fisheries crisis”, has been exposed exploiting the ocean off the coasts of the Galapagos, North Korea and Africa. Charles Clover comments in The Times, remarking on the “depressing figures” of the size of the 12,000 vessel fleet, and writes about the looming tragedy for the artisanal fishermen of Africa whose birthright is being sold to China, in The Spectator.

Lockdown blues and silver linings

Stop pouting about the tuna, our local fish is brill! Lockdown blues, by Charles Clover, explains how some fishermen around the UK found a Covid silver lining.

Get active to save our ocean! #Motion4Ocean

BLUE’s main fundraising event of the year, London to Monaco, has sadly been postponed. Undaunted, we are launching BLUE’s first interactive online campaign #Motion4Ocean. The good news is that you don’t have to be super-fit to take part. Anyone and everyone can get involved. Just get active for 30 minutes, donate to BLUE and nominate three friends on your Instagram story to do the same. Get active, donate, nominate!

Richard Benyon joins BLUE’s board

We welcome Richard Benyon as a new board member and trustee. Mr Benyon joined BLUE in June after the end of his term chairing the independent review panel on Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) commissioned by Defra. The review highlights the role of HPMAs in promoting the recovery of important marine species and habitats.

Ocean Awards 2021 nominations open

Nominations for the sixth annual Ocean Awards are now open. The Ocean Awards recognise individuals, community groups, organisations and businesses that have made significant contributions to the health of the marine environment. See last year’s winners here and nominate your ocean hero here.


Maldives #FishForTomorrow campaign goes viral

BLUE launched #FishForTomorrow in the Maldives to familiarise people with vulnerable reef fish. Nearly ten per cent of the Maldivian population visited the campaign website. The campaign has secured public support for the protection of giant grouper and all species of parrotfish. Read about the success of the campaign here or listen to the campaign podcast here.


The Royal fish returns

Rory Moore writes about the decline of the European sturgeon – the “king of anadromous fish” – in the UK and what BLUE is doing to bring it back.

BLUE oysters podcast

Discover how BLUE has been working in the Solent to restore the native oyster, a remarkable ecosystem engineer that can filter 200 litres of water a day. Hear about BLUE’s work to recover this critical habitat in conversation with two members of our oyster team, Dr Luke Helmer and Jacob Kean-Hammerson, in our latest podcast.

Looking back over ten years at BLUE

Finally, we are very sad to say that one of BLUE’s longest-serving team members is retiring. In what could be his final blog, Tim Glover reflects on his past ten years working at BLUE. Although he is the first crew member to retire to sail his boat, we hope he won’t be away for long

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