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Ride of endurance and yacht club’s inaugural auction for ocean action

More than 60 cyclists set off today on an epic eight-day ride of endurance from London to Monaco, spanning five…

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Condolences and reflections

Blue Marine Foundation would like to pass on our deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this sad time. The…

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Huge fish kill predictions at Hinkley Point C have implications for Sizewell C

A challenge to Boris Johnson’s call to “go nuclear, go large” emerged just a day after his speech on the…

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SIGN THE PETITION: #BringBackBritishCod

SIGN THE PETITION   The UK Government keeps ignoring the science and allowing fishing of already overfished cod populations around…

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In a healthy ocean, we’d be swimming in money

Viewed as a business, the ocean is grossly mismanaged. If decision-makers put marine health front and centre of their thinking,…

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