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Election 2024: Seas The Day

Download the Poster  The UK is recognised as a leader in international ocean conservation.   But the UK’s leadership in…

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Chris Levine unveils new artwork in partnership with Convex Seascape Survey to highlight the health of our oceans on World Ocean Day

Globally renowned British light artist, Chris Levine has collaborated with the Convex Seascape Survey to create an immersive artwork that…

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Asks for the Ocean: UK Election 2024

Seas the Day  

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Weekly Ocean News 31.05.24

Science  Belugas make funny facial expressions, see the gallery showing what they mean!   Scientists are one step closer to understanding how zebrafish change the…

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Weekly Ocean News 24.05.24

Science  A new report sheds light on the future impacts of climate change on marine species across the United Kingdom. Migratory freshwater fish populations…

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Glimmers of hope for Sussex kelp recovery

On International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May 2024), the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (SKRP), has published a Progress and…

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Weekly Ocean News 17.05.24

Science  A new study has confirmed the long-held assumption that orcas take just one breath between dives, and a young sperm whale’s journey across…

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Sand eel fishing ban wins an Ocean Award

The decision to ban fishing for sand eels in the English and Scottish waters of the North Sea – currently…

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