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Into the Blue January

Into The Blue Issue 2

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Sandeel fishing banned on UK side of North Sea

Sometimes the smallest things are the most important, and that is definitely the case for the humble sandeel. A small,…

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New study highlights remarkable seabed recovery from bottom trawling

A new paper published in the ICES Journal of Marine Science draws together 15 years of research in the Lyme…

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New paper finds emissions from trawling contribute to climate change

A new and pioneering study published in Frontiers in Marine Science estimates that around 50 per cent of the sediment…

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EU judges drive a trawler through the EU’s legal ban on overfishing

An attempt to make the EU enforce its own 2013 ban on fishing any stocks above scientific advice was thrown…

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Global shark fishing mortality still rising despite widespread regulatory change

Between 80 and 101 million sharks were killed in global fisheries in 2019, according to a landmark new paper led…

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A tale of two crises: Diary of an expedition to Dogger Bank by Charles Clover

Saturday 25.11.23. 11 pm. Four of us arrived at Lauwersoog, a major fishing port in the north of Holland, in…

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