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Glimmers of hope for Sussex kelp recovery

On International Day for Biological Diversity (22 May 2024), the Sussex Kelp Recovery Project (SKRP), has published a Progress and…

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Weekly Ocean News 17.05.24

Science  A new study has confirmed the long-held assumption that orcas take just one breath between dives, and a young sperm whale’s journey across…

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Sand eel fishing ban wins an Ocean Award

The decision to ban fishing for sand eels in the English and Scottish waters of the North Sea – currently…

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UK moves closer to establishing high-integrity natural capital markets with publication of joint roadmap from cross-UK coalition

The UK has moved closer to establishing high-integrity marine natural capital markets to significantly boost the protection and restoration of…

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New report shows Spanish and French-owned tuna vessels “going dark” despite being under investigation by the European Commission

A new report[1] published this week shows that EU-affiliated purse seine fishing fleets in the Indian Ocean have been turning…

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Every year, BOAT International joins forces with Blue Marine Foundation to recognise the exceptional individuals and groups that are taking…

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Statement in advance of the 28th Session of the IOTC

Blue Marine Foundation calls for a credible stock rebuilding plan for yellowfin tuna and a moratorium on drifting fish aggregating…

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Safeguarding Our Seas: Lessons From Lundy

Blue Marine Partners with North Devon Moving Image CIC and School Students to create Lundy No Take Zone Documentary The…

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Weekly Ocean News 26.04.24

Science  The impact of Lionfish invasion in the Mediterranean Sea and the secrets of deep-sea dwelling fish.  Climate change is helping tropical fish species invade…

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