Major Partners

BLUE relies on donations from major partners to drive urgent change in the management of the world’s oceans. Individually, major partners play an integral role in BLUE’s progress and impact around the world and are recognised for making significant contributions to the future of our oceans.

‘BLUE continues to deliver, putting more and more ocean under protection each year. It’s not a hard decision to continue supporting their work. But we do need more donors because without you, the donor, there is no BLUE!’
Michael Breman, Sales Director

‘A pound spent with BLUE really can change the world.’
Mike Barry, Director of Sustainable Business

“Vita Yachts are pleased to be supporting BLUE as a major sponsor. As a business founded to bring the electric power revolution to the marine world, we believe that BLUE’s work is critical if the deterioration of our oceans is to be reversed.”
Stewart Wilkinson, Founder and Chairman

At Benetti we have always been careful to make our yachts as environmentally friendly as possible, reducing noise and vibration that can disturb marine animals amongst many other things. That is why we have been very happy to contribute to the Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE).

‘We love the sea, our yachting industry is wholly dependent upon it and we strongly believe we all have a part to play in supporting Blue Marine Foundation with their admirable ambition to protect the ocean.’
Andrew & Jane Winch, Co-Founder

‘For Six Senses, supporting our communities is as important as conserving our surrounding environment.  BLUE truly focuses on creating long-term, self-sustaining projects which generate local community ownership and benefits. We are both excited and delighted to work with the Blue Marine Foundation at Six Senses Laamu!’
Amber Marie Beard, Vice President Sustainability


Corporate Partners

BLUE provides a platform for brands to demonstrate their commitment to marine sustainability and the environment. Corporate partners provide BLUE with core support and a global platform on which to raise awareness of the cause.

BLUE welcomes the chance to engage with companies interested in making a tangible difference to the state of our marine life. As well as providing annual donations to the organisation, BLUE’s major and corporate partners are a reliable source of support through pro bono contributions, and act as effective ambassadors of its work through their corporate network and customer base. Through annual events, unique collaborations, specialist materials and digital channels BLUE aims to bring its partners closer to its individual projects and connect them directly to the real cause.


For further details about becoming a major partner or corporate partner and to learn about the benefits you receive, please contact BLUE’s Head of Partnerships Sara-Jane Skinner on or call +44 (0) 207 845 5850


Pro-Bono Partners